New user missing fields in window data entry mode

Steve Freeman

New member
Apr 25, 2005
I am trying to evaluate Logbookpro before purchase. I have watched the videos and still do not understand why in the Window entry mode I do not see all of the options I see in the spreadsheet mode. I would rather enter the data in windows mode but there is no option for instructor as an example. Also the custom text fields I created (such as safety pilot) appear in a drop down list at the bottom of the window. Is there a way to have them appear in the same space as the count fields as shown in the video?
Hello Steve,

The Windows Style entry area does in fact have all the columns of data as the Spreadsheet area but in a different layout. Instructor is available but it is abbreviated as 'IP' for Instructor Pilot. There isn't as much space to work with so areas had to be abbreviated or such as with custom text and expenses accessed by popups. You can also customize the areas, more so the spreadsheet style log, by going to Options...Flight Log and choosing the Config Display button.