Night Cross Country


Jan 6, 2002
According to the help file, I should be able to set a filter of night in the analyzer and determine the amount of night cross country I have flown. After expermenting for awhile, it appears that this is true only if I have made two separate log entries for the same flight, one for the day portion and one for the night portion. I entered a 7.0 hour flight from KBDL to LFPB. I entered 7.0 hours of cross country, and 3.3 hours of night. Running the analyzer on just this flight, and setting a filter of night, I expected to see 3.3 hours of cross country. The analyzer display showed 3.3 hours of night but 7.0 hours of cross country. Is there a way to have the analyzer show just night cross country?
When you set a filter for Night, for example, Logbook Pro simply draws all flights that have Night > 0. Therefore if the other time fields are different, it's not going to set them to the same value as the master filter field. We will look at this for version 2.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Thanks Neil,

You answered my question. For the time being I will make a user defined column called 'Night Cross Country' to track this. I think this would be a useful feature in Version 2. Jhawk
When I use the analyzer to find night xc, I have found that the total is different (for total time and by aircraft type) when using the master filter for one, and cross checking the other (and viceversa) in the analyzer. What the heck is up with this?? Shouldn't they all come out the same?? (or is this exactly what you guys were talking about, but in different words??)

What the Analyzer is doing is taking the Master Filter Field and doing a search for all flights where this field has an entry (value > 0). Therefore they will come out different. Make sense?

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Quicken lets you split stuff up on a single entry. As I remember, you can split your Grocery Bill into categories like Household, Computer, etc. That way the total is preserved as well as specific amounts for categories. Maybe you could do thing that way in version 2?

Yep, it would sure be nice to have an accurate way to figure night XC. I guess I really don't get what you were saying, Neal. I figured the analyzer would figure (with either night or XC master filter) the total amout of time for which those two parameters (night and XC) happened in the same entry. Nope, I don't get it. (I wasn't smart enough for computers, so they gave me a job flying airplanes!!)


I know what you are saying, that if you set up a report to spit out everything where Cross Country > 0 and Night > 0 you get your Night Cross Country time. This is not the case, however, if, for example, you start a XC flight in day, fly into night, and then land. Only part of your Cross Country would be Night. This is important for Canadian pilots, as the application for ATPL requires a certain amount of NXC and this current system could end up showing you having more than you actually have. This problem could really bit you on the backside! As such, perhaps a feature that would allow breakdown such as been suggested, witha default column for bothDay Cross Country and Night Cross Country. Ideally I would also like to see you include the ability to further customize the current defualt columns, such that Day Dual, Day PIC, Night Dual, Night PIC, etc, are offered, or at least available to be customized by those of us from Canada and Europe. I'd also like to be able to get rid of some of the default columns that are of no use to me, such as Solo, since in Canada it's either Dual, PIC, or Co-Pilot. Actually, I'd like to be able to follow my current paper logbook format, which is ideally set up for Canadians and Europeans, which includes the breakdown as follows:

Single-EngineMulti-Engine Cross-Country Take-Offs & Landings
Day Night DayNight Day Night Day Night
Dual PIC Dual PIC Dual PIC Co-Pilot Dual PIC Co-Pilot




R. Craig Westcott
Calgary, AB Canada

Using the Analyzer you can get the data either way, but as you state, you need to be cognizant of how the data is being filtered. If you use the Analyzer to extract Night Cross Country you can set the Master Filter of Cross Country and it will pull all flights that have a Cross Country entered, i.e. XC > 0. Naturally, if you use this method to extract Night XC you can come up with a wrong summary as you alluded, you may have only logged partial night on this flight. Therefore in this instance you should be setting the discriminator or 'Night' for the Master filter then you'll pull all records with an entry containing Night time, and correlate the XC column summary to be Night XC more effectively.

You certainly can log additional information such as you wish be creating custom columns. Please take a look at this months newsletter, May 2005 edition, which just posted and is available in the newsletter forum.