Night landings


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Nov 19, 2001
Hi Neal, I seem to be having a small problem getting APDL to include in Logbook Pro my night landings, it does import the night flying time but it doesn't log the night landings, it will log the day landings though. I have checked the settings and they haven't changed since the last update and this small problem only appeared since the last update of Logbook Pro.

Appreciate your help.


Make sure your landings preference is as desired in the AutoFill section of Logbook Pro on the PC (Options...AutoFill). Please submit a support ticket and include your PDA Sync Log which you can save at the end of the PDA Wizard run and also include a zip copy of your data from APDL.

If Palm OS:
C:\Program Files\palmOne\{Your Palm Username}\Backup

If Pocket PC:
C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro\APDL Pocket PC\{8 Digit ID}

We do have a ticket open to verify autofill is not interfering with the landing data. You may want to try a sync run with autofill NOT enabled and see if it makes any difference.