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No data source For Dell X50V


Jan 30, 2005
Can I evaluate the companion without a registration key? I have installed on my PDA but it will not run. At Instruction 6 figure 3 Active synch 3.8 , only 3 sources listed.

dBASE Files-user
Excel Files-users
MS Access Database-users.

I cannot complete the database configuration because NCSoftware-user is not listed.

Hi Steve,

Yes, you sure can. Synchronizing is disabled until registered, but you can still install and evaluation.

Confirm you have the PC version installed and you've made a few entries on the PC side? It should create the 'NCSoftware' User DSN entry automatically. If not, please check the Logbook Pro FAQ section on how to create the NCSoftware DSN manually. Confirm you did choose the drop down on the bottom for the ODBC Data sources?


Glad that worked out. Yes, we can no doubt get your FL data into Logbook Pro, not hard to do. First read this article, if you need assistance, e-mail support@nc-software.com your FlightLevel Backup (.BCK) file and I'll import it for you with proof of purchase of Logbook Pro.