Problems creating HotSync Connection?

Neal Culiner

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Nov 14, 2001
If you are having problems creating the HotSync connection to the Palm Companion, there is a good chance you don't have the necessary drivers. Below are the steps to manually create the connection to the Palm Companion assuming you completed the AppForge Universal Conduit Installation:

[[*]]Go to the Data Sources (ODBC) area by clicking Start...Settings...Control Panel then ODBC (if Win2K/XP it's in the Administrative Tools area)
[[*]]If you do not have ODBC, you will need to go to and download the latest MDAC version then run the automated HotSync configuration from Logbook Pro and all should work fine, this was your issue (no ODBC manager)
[[*]]On the User DSN tab, if you do not have a item named NCSoftware in the list, click ADD, otherwise select NCSoftware and remove it, then click ADD to continue
[[*]]Choose the Microsoft Access ([*].mdb) driver. (If not listed, you need to install MDAC from
[[*]]For the Data Source Name type in NCSoftware
[[*]]Under the Database area, click the Select... button
[[*]]On the bottom left, choose the All Files ([*].[*]) option to view all files
[[*]]Find your .LBK data file and select it
[[*]]Click OK to complete the configuration
[[*]]Look in your Logbook Pro\Palm Companion folder for a file ending in .BAT and double-click it. This will configure the connection from HotSync to your data file

Please remember the Palm minimum requirements of HotSync manager 3.5 or later. You can get the Palm Desktop software (latest build as of this writing is 4.0.1) FREE from or from your PDA manufacturer, i.e. handspring.

The minimum Palm OS is 3.1 however 4.x or higher is recommended for optimal performance.

Please review the included help file that comes with Logbook Pro or you can view it online at and read the PDA Companion\Palm Companion topics.

Several have asked the question about their Logbook Pro key not working. The Palm Companion requires the purchase of a separate key code for $29.95 from / just like ordering the basic Logbook Pro software.

I hope this is informative and helps answer any of the common configuration questions for the Logbook Pro Palm Companion.

Fly Safe!!![/list]

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
I have tried your posted solution to my Hot Sync problem and it still does not work... I tried configuring the Palm Companion from the Logbook Pro program as well and it does not work either. When I perform a Hot Sync, my Palm indicates that the Logbook Pro data is being synced. After the Hot Sync, the Palm Log has no record of any Logbook Pro data sync and all data in the Palm Companion has been deleted.

I also misplaced my Palm Companion Registration #. How do I retrieve it?

James Dale Collier

First make sure you are using Logbook Pro 1.7.41 and Palm 1.02.

What PDA are you using?

What Palm OS Version does it use?

What is the version of your Palm HotSync Manager?

What Operating System is your PC using?


If you don't have the Palm Companion Registration code entered on both the PDA and the PC, the device will not synchronize. Registration is required for Synchronization.

As to your need of a replacement key code, please read the policies link at for required information on this matter.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Thanks Neil, entering the Unlock Key for the PDA Companion in the Logbook Pro Program solved the Hot Sync Problem. I originally thought I only had to enter it in the Palm. Sorry to bother you?


James Dale Collier

Glad to help and it's NEVER a bother! Being able to solve an issue like this is so worth it! Glad you're up and running! Software is complicated, no two ways around it. My goal is to give you features but find that right balance to not make it too complicated, always a challenge! Enjoy my friend!!!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.