No unlock key help!!


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Jul 27, 2004
I downloaded and evaluated the logbookprosoftware and then went online to purchase the software (i.e. get an unlock key) During the payment I got an “error on page” message on my browser. When I subsequently did not receive the key, I assumed the process had not worked, so tried again from my other pc…… still no key!!!

I watched your videos and noted that I should have got the key instantly…… Please HELP

Can any one help......... I am desparate and no replies from nc software!!

The 'error message' was not an error but a redirect out of SSL/encrypted mode back to normal. There is a note on the payment page that you will see this and to click YES. Please PM me with your name and I will gladly resolve this issue. I have replied to all correspondence, but some have corresponded without phone numbers so I cannot follow up with a phone call as it's obvious spam blockers are preventing e-mails from getting through. Please either PM me on this forum or reply with your name in the post so I can look up your order.