Northwest Importing Problem


Jun 21, 2005
I get really strange results from one of my patterns this month. Also, several patterns during the past previous months have added a duplicate leg to the last day of the trip, (posting the last leg of the trip twice). I will attach the offending trip this month as well as several trips for your review. I also tried the online version and got the same results. It is a three day trip and the importer made a 5 day of it with off the wall legs. The pattern number is 3555 and is included with the others in the attached .zip file.

Additional Information:
First line has the month number
Second Line has the Day of Month
Third Line has the Day of Week
The Forth line has several items:TAFB,BLK,Duty Rig Cred,Trip Rig Cred,Tot Cred, Etc.
The Trip sequence begins with the Fifth Line.

If you could use the first four lines for at least getting the date, that would also be helpful. In the past, we've always had to begin the paste from the fifth line of information. However, the importer has never been able to get the report and release times correctly, which would also be useful.

If you need more info please email me.
Thanks for any help.
Dan Crews


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I will set up the filter to catch the date. I will get to the bottom of why all those extra days got put in your first trip you pasted. And lastly, that extra repeating leg is a strange issue I have not figured out yet other than just put the cursor at the end of your trip and then hit enter a couple of times to add some blank lines at the bottom. Then the duplication does not happen.