Not able to patch from 1.8.4 to 1.8.5


Nov 27, 2001
I read the other posts in regard to doing a full install vs. patching for the latest update. While that is ok, it gets very time intensive for those of us with dial up connections to donwload a 15 or so MB file every time a patch is released. Is there any troubleshooting that users can do to ensure that the patches will work on our respective machines? I know in my case the last patch installed just fine. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
The patch depends on your installation method and whether or not the user chose to cache the installation on the system. A lot of variables of course. If you do a full install the first time, and cache the installation, then you are 99% probable of the ability to patch. I say 99% because of Windows 98 is a flaky operating system that I cannot trust, therefore deducting 1%! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

Happy Holidays to all...

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.