Not calculating sched. block


Jul 29, 2005
After importing schedule, Scheduled block time doesn’t show-up on the Monthly view, only 0+00. On the log book page when I scroll across the tool bar it shows Scheduled Block : 0+00. This also carries over to the Crew Rest Page. On the Crew Rest Page Actual Block will calculate but Scheduled will not. Any Ideas?
To better assist you, please fill out a support ticket including the airline from which you are importing, a sample schedule, preferably the PDF source document, and any additional information to help us troubleshoot your issue. Please try both the web based importer as well as the APDL Schedule Importer for Windows available from our APDL Portal.

Thank you.

Remember that the first line on the logpage is for actual times. The second line of each leg is for scheduled time.

Double Check that your 'Block' payroll category is still set to 'Apply Flight', 'Apply Pay', 'Apply 30/7'.

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.
l have been checked and still can not display orcalculatescheduled time. I'm pretty sure its my Co.
format being used with our pairings I used the Pinnacle (new) format. If I manualy put in info. everything works great. Thanks for the help.