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Scheduled Block times add up wrong


New member
Dec 4, 2008
Hey I'm new to the forum and I'm currently evaluating APDL before buying. I'm running windows Mobile 6.1 and APDL version 6.1.4 on an evaluation basis. So far I have used the schedule importer mostly successfully to pull my trips in to APDL. However, on some legs the total scheduled time will not be correct for the block times imported or entered manually.

One example, I am scheduled one leg that should be:

1441 1516 0035

So yeah (duh) I leave at 14:41 and I'm scheduled to arrive 15:16 and its schedule block is 35 minutes.

Then upon importing it to APDL through the schedule importer it comes out on my logbook page in APDL as:

1441 1516 and 23+35 .

I have tried reentering the times and restarting the application but I can't seem to change the "23+35" time. As a result it pops up a regulation warning when I start up the program or reach that page. I searched the forums and an answer may have been posted previously so any help would be great or a point in the direction of a older helpful post would be great as well.


Most likely the problem is with one of your timeszones or how you are importing your schedules.

1. Make sure your Timezones are set correctly for each Airport (OPTIONS...AIRPORT LIST)
  • Eastern UTC -5
  • Central UTC -6
  • Mountain UTC -7
  • Pacific UTC -8
  • etc
  • DST should be checked for each airport that uses DST at ANYTIME during the year.
2. When viewing a logpage and manually entering trips or actual block times make sure you know what timezone the page is displayed in. (OPTIONS...TIMEZONE)

3. Most likely your company publishes your schedule in LOCAL time. Make sure you have your schedule set to import in LOCAL. (OPTIONS...PREFERENCES...TIMEZONE SETTINGS)

Also make sure you have your Domicile Timezone correct

The logbook timezone will the timezone all your block times are converted to when imported into Logbook Pro on your PC. The import is only available in registered versions

The DST is in Effect box should NOT be checked currently. This is the only DST switch that you need to change 2x a year.

One last note. Under OPTIONS...PREFERENCES...GENERAL the YTD starting hours is the number of hours you have flown from 1/1/08 to the day you started using APDL. On Jan 1, 2009 you should set it to 0. It is used to track FAR flight time limits.

Let us know if you have any further questions.
Thanks Eric,

That fixed the problem, that one destination station had a local time of -5 on the airport list rather than -6. It took me a second as well to realize that you had to move that leg to the top box as well before it would recalculate the time after the change but I am all set now. Thanks.