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Not getting gate or time auto fills anymore..


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Jun 28, 2004
Phoenix, AZ
I've read the recent posts about this, but they don't seem to apply. Up until about a week ago, everything was filling in correctly, now I don't get anything, in the app, nor on APDL.net. FlightAware shows the correct information.

Any ideas....
I did. It is not showing up there either, but it does show up on FlightAware, which is what you use to get the information, if I'm not mistaken.
I just tried it on APDL.net, is this the flight?

In my case, I've never been able to get gate information for any of my flights with my airline. (Granted we are not always at a gate).

Swift Air, SWQ (Swift Flight). Example 6/6/15 SWQ711 ACY-MIA, or SWQ712 MIA-ACY
In my cursory review it doesn't appear we're getting gate data for that airline at least for that specific flight.
We are small airline, but growing quickly. Been around for 7+ years. We are a 121S carrier, specializing in Charter/VIP transportation. But in the last 1.5 years have expanded to ICE flights (RNP), Choice Aire, Havana Air, and Vacation Express. 12 b737 aircraft currently. Working to have 20 by years end.

Which is why I was really hoping to have some BETA input with APDL before it was released, because of the highly specialized flying we do. For the record, APDL is not manual entry friendly, and doesn't like multiple call-signs. SWQ and RNP that we use. Could really use some fixing in that area.

Is there a template posted anywhere, where I can follow like a Comma-seperated format for manual imports to make my life easier.
The only import system we offer now is via the schedule importer. Does your company offer you trip data such that you could paste into the schedule importer to parse and import into the app? If you can send us your trip data, if available, we can create a filter for your airline.

Have you tried the AutoFill now? Create your duty period, open the leg editor and enter the flight number, departure and destination then tap AutoFill Now and see if it preloads your flight info.

Manual entry should actually be pretty streamlined once you get the hang of it. We do work around a single employer setup, please post a suggestion to the suggestion forum or UserVoice as desired with your scenario and we can review it. Just because you weren't on the beta team doesn't mean a thing, we are continually shaping the app and will be doing so for hundreds of years ahead - i.e. development never ends, release was only a point at which we could allow the public to start using it but we went right back and continue to add new features and shape functionality. We are getting ready to release 7.1.x very soon (submit to Apple this week) with more great stuff coming.