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Jan 26, 2005
Earlier this month I had trouble downloading Logbookpro. I submitted a support request and recieved a link to download from and this worked well.

Since then I have not been able to load my backup file containing 5000 hours of flight time from my CD into logbookpro.

I have since submitted three support requests at various times this month with no response not even a autoresponse to let me know you have recieved them.

I am pasting what I have been sending you hoping to get a response this time.

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RE: [SPT-050108.22477] Support Request for Logbook Pro PC


Sat, 15 Jan 2005 19:49:04 +0000
I was able to download logbookpro from the site you gave, thank you.

However when I tried to restore my logbook from CD it said restore successful but then required me to run the update wizard. When I did it gave me a couple of boxes reminding me to synchronize other logbooks. Since I don't have any to synchronize I click ok and logbookpro promptly shutsdown having accomplished nothing.

Please send instructions on how to get my backup file on CD into logbookpro. I have a couple thousand hours logged that Idon"t want to lose.


Duane Canon

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> Duane,
> Please download from the URL below and let me know if this one works:
> Regards,
> Neal Culiner
> NC Software, Inc.
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> Sent: Saturday, January 08, 2005 4:51 PM
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> Subject: [SPT-050108.22477] Support Request for Logbook Pro PC
> Name: Duane Canon
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> Phone: 972-839-1680
> Operating System/Svc Pack: Windows XP
> Product: Logbook Pro PC
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> Serial/Reg: 01-02-01-N1065016000000
> Problem:
> After yet another virus on my desktop which required a run of the restore
> disk I decided to download Logbook Pro to my laptop which I rarely have on
> the internet.
> When I try to install it I get: 1155:FileC:\Documents and
> settings\owner\desktop\instmsi30.exe not found.
> Steps to Repro:
> see above
> Sys Info:
> Browser: IE Version 6.0
> Country: United States
> MSI Version: 2
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Hello Duane,

I searched the e-mail tracking system and show no correspondence from you other then what you indicated. If you don't get an auto-response either, most likely there is a problem with the sending of the mail, I'd check to ensure you are sending to the correct address which is Since you got the forum sign-up confirmation, I'm confident the e-mail problem is not on this end, we obviously e-mailed you the forum membership activation message.

Logbook Pro cannot run from optical media (CD). It is important to do all operations off of your hard drive and not the CD. You can use an external program such as Nero to copy files to the CD and back if you wish to use the CD for archives, but again, it has to be done external to Logbook Pro. You may be able to do a restore FROM the CD but you MUST tell Logbook Pro where to save the restore file on your hard drive and make sure it is not trying to save it on your CD.

If the problem persists, please send your BAK (backup) file to or ZIP compress your data file (ends with .LBK) to for assistance. Be sure you are running, the latest version prior to submitting a support request.