Objectives and Rules for this forum

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
The purpose of this forum is to provide a conduit for Logbook Pro users to share their extensions to Logbook Pro. All software shared here is "use at your own risk" and cannot compete with Logbook Pro or third party products sold for Logbook Pro on our online store.

We invite the creativity of our users to further extend the Logbook Pro product. NC Software maintains no connection, liability, responsibility,or quality control over products listed here. All posts are moderated to ensure compliance with the general rules set forth here and are subject to change without notice. Rules will betailored as requiredbut we are sure that each individual offering a third party extension to Logbook Pro will uphold quality and professionalism with their product. We expect any and all attachments to be virus scanned and preferably attached asa single compressed ZIP file.

Suggested guidelines:
  • Include documentation in either PDF, HTML, MS Word, or Text Document
  • Zip compress virus scanned attachments, keep to one attachment per post
  • URL's to download from your own web site is encouraged as this site may change and posts may not be carried forward with site changes
  • Ensure extensions/programs do not make any modifications to the structure of Logbook Pro's database in any way
  • Subscribe to this forum or your threads to respond to any users questions or direct questions to your own web site

We look forward to the creativity of our users to take Logbook Pro to new limits. This is a trial experiment which we hope will be a success for all.