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Feb 28, 2002
Hi Neal,

due to changing regulations I was busy updating my logbook and came acros a problem.

Under new JAR/FCL regulations we are obligated to log out-in times. I had been too lazy to do this before and thus I was updating my complete log with out-in times (not in sim-flights).

The problem I encountered was a safety feature build into LBP. When filling in OUT-IN times it will automatically change my duration into hobs making a 1:15 hour flight into 1.2

Yet I logged 1.25 in other fields (minute issue once again). This will gave me a warning that I overlooged the duration. Is there a way to insert time fields without it changing anything within my log?

Maybe I missed a function or checkbox and this is my mistake, but it would be of great help to have me insert time and not change anything else.

Keep up the excellent work,


ps, is there something in the works to make refer a friend electronic instead of just mail-in??

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You could go to Options...Flight Log and change it to auto-calc duration from Takeoff to Land so it won't trigger on your OUT/IN entries.

I will look into an electronic referral system with version 2, right now, no, other than exporting your referral form and e-mailing the PDF (for example) to your friends. They do have to purchase by mailing that form. Again, let me spiff this up in version 2, good ideas!

Neal Culiner
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