Pairing import troubles.


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Aug 21, 2006

I am having some trouble importing a pairing. The pairing number in question is 196. I attached the pairings file (.pdf format) for your use. I tried to use the latest client version of the schedule importer (6.1.4) and also the web schedule import utility. Both of them give the same results. When I click import, all 9 days of the pairing are displayed but they are all blank. Only the first day has a duty on time shown. I am using the "UPS (Bid Lines)" filter. My handheld is a Treo 700w. I cut and pasted the pairing directly out of the .pdf bid package beginning at the line that contains the trip number up to and including the line that contains the TAFB. I tried to import using the other 2 filters but got an error message that said data was missing.

When I went to your web site to download the latest version of APDL for the Pocket PC I noticed that there are several versions available for download. Which one is correct for my device? (Treo 700w).

Also I tried to enter a support ticket on this but every time that I entered the verification phrase I kept getting a message syaing I had entered a incorrect phrase. I tried using both IE and Firefox with the same results.

Thanks for any and all help,

Rich Bucholtz
UPS A300 Cpt


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