Palm OS Treo 750


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Aug 12, 2006

I'm seeing scattered reports that Cingular is months, if not weeks, away from releasing both Palm OS and PPC versions of a new, antenna-less Treo 750. Being a Palm OS Treo 650 user for almost two years, I'm inquiring if your company is already verifying that mobile editions of your software will work with these new devices. If you don't have that much foresight (which I can understand because you most likely would have to get your hands on one to test your programs), would you be able to speculate as to a timetable after the phones' releases when compatibility would be checked? I see myself upgrading to a 750 later this year when my contract is up for renewal as I'm sure other LogBook Pro junkies will do. So, I just wanted to get your thoughts on that as I know everyone would not want to have to repurchase the software.

Point of note, I haven't seen what version of the respective OSs are scheduled to be put on the devices. The confirmed announcement for the 750 is only - maybe - a week old.

I would gladly volunteer to be a "beta" tester when I get my 750 (it will be the Palm OS) if you need the extra help.

Thanks for the input and cheers,

Thanks for the info. From the Google searches I did, the device doesn't seem to be sporting any new OS's. The Windows side (which is most talked about) is still the plain ole Windows Mobile 5 which we fully support. We also support all Palm OS platforms up to 5.4.9, which if they release a Palm edition of the 750 is probably the OS it will run. Therefore, I don't see any reason our software won't run, but if anyone gets a newly released device and you find any difficulties, let us know. As long as the device has screen interaction, most likely we support it already.