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Nov 19, 2001
Hi Neal,

Like most pilots I still use a standard paper log. I?m not too fond of the MGOEnt log that LBP lets you print out, (just my preference). In version 2.0 what about a little check box or a color change (spreadsheet format) to let us know we?ve logged it in our paper logbook? I know it sounds a little redundant but as a CFI I try to keep up with my paper log but only get to it about twice a month.

I also suggested, a long time ago, about a type of lock for each log. I use a laptop with one of those silly touch pads. When I?m typing I sometimes touch the pad and it moves the cursor to a different field in a different log. I think it would be convenient to lock an entry so that we couldn?t accidentally change it without a little pop up menu asking us to do so. As an example, I accidentally moved the cursor to an entry made 3 weeks prior to the duration field. I was trying to log 8 day landings and the duration of the old entry went to 8 hours. I caught it but I?m not sure I haven?t done that before.

Thanks Neal, ... Al/forums/emoticons/confused.gif

You can do the first part right now! Just go to Options...Custom then the Yes/No fields and create a custom field 'Paper Logged' and voila, you have version 2 today! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

As for the second part, I think the answer to this is possibly forcing you (like the Palm Companion) to hit SAVE after each entry. This if an entry realizes it's 'dirty' or changed, then it will prompt you to save or cancel. This is complicated in the grid style entry systems as they are typically auto-saving. A little secret (don't tell anyone), version 2 will look and feel just like Microsoft Outlook. With that said, if you go to the task list in Outlook and create a task, notice Outlook doesn't use a SAVE button for these type of entries. However, if you bring up a NEW task form, then you hit save. I'll see what I can do as I do see your point (rare ehh?).

Keep the suggestions coming. Don't suggest = don't get, so tell me your needs.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
You know Neal, the 'today' version of 2.0 looks alot like 1.7!

Thanks for the suggestion. The custom field gave me exactly what I needed to track my paper log entrys.

Will we see 2.0 this year? I know, I know, no timelines but I didn't think it would hurt to try and pin you down to a specific year /forums/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Looking forward to testing the Pocket PC!

Thanks a million Neal, ...Al

Glad the custom field worked. That's my point really, there's no need for 2.0 right now as 1.x is very useful, powerful, and in no way obsolete. We are all just in a habit of wanting new new new and not taking advantage of what we have. This is why I've spent the last 4+ years just improving 1.x and at NO cost to the users, all upgrades as you know have been free since 1998.

When 2.0? No, not this year, not soon, I posted this in another thread being honest that I'm not rushing 2.0 and still concentrating on making 1.x the best ever. Yes, 2.0 is in development, it is functional, it is awesome, but it has a very very long road ahead with the functionality this next version is going to have, bringing you what you need!

Glad to help!

PPC eta is unknown, but let's just shoot for Christmas time. That way if it's next weekend, you'll be surprised, but if not, you won't be expecting it! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.