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Aug 19, 2002
I haven't yet purchased this software because it won't properly calculate my pay. Here are my wishes:

My company pays by the push time, but we don't log FAR block for push, block starts at the taxi. The program should have an optional field for the push time, and an option to use that time for when the pay clock starts.

Secondly, I would like to see a way to default the pilot category ie. FO-PNF-DAY. I know I can deselect the Captain categories, but it is annoying to have to change that for EVERY let I input.

Thanks for you consideration on my requests,
Our software does not support split times (separate push, and taxi times) directly.

The only way to accomplish this is to (uncheck Apply Pay) from the 'Block' payroll category. Then create a new 'BlockPay' category with only 'Apply Pay' checked.

For each leg you will have to use 'Block' to track your FAR flight times. Then insert a leg, dep, dest, and times equal to the original leg. Change 'Block' to 'BlockPay' to track payroll.

Regarding the second issue, the software by design defaults to 'Block' and 'CA-PNF-DAY' respectively.

You can shorten the respective popup lists buy un-checking 'Include in popup lists' under each item in the Payroll category or Position category preference page.

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Paul Auman
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NC Software, Inc.
I am aware of both! From your response, I gather that my wish shall never be fulfilled.
Not necessarily. We review this forum when we are deciding what new features to add to the software. The more requests for split times the higher on the priority list it will go.

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Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.
I would really like to see split time capability as well. I can only use APDL to log FAR block and can't use it to the full ablility as far as calculating pay.
I'd really like the split time capability as well. I can either track FAR block or pay but not both. I second the nomination to change the default option on the CA PNF issue.
I am 100% for a 'push' category. I have had a huge problem with the company saying that my 'out' time was my 'push'. Because I cannot track 'push' on here they were able to fly me over a 30/7 because I believe that they adjusted my times because I told them that I did not keep track of my 'push'. They are familiar with the program, and I think that they are using this to their advantage. I think that would be an awesome addition.