New pay scenario (for me)...

Abe Frohman

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Apr 21, 2004
How would I set up this specific new pay scenario...

Regarding cancellation pay...our new policy is that if a flight is canceled we are protected for the credit lost...but, our "overs" contribute to paying for the canceled flights. Whatever the "overs" do not cover, the company pays for the rest. This is on a trip by trip basis. I guess it's kind of like trip guarantee but not really.

Here's how it works:

I have a four day trip worth 20 hours. I have a turn cancel for weather that was worth 4 hours. At the end of the four days my remaining 16 hours of credit has become 18 due to delays de-icing, whatever (block or better). The company will give me 2 hours of cancel pay to bring my pay back up to the original trip value of 20 hours.

It sounds like trip guarantee, but it's really not because there are other situations where we could lose flying and it's not covered.

I hope I was clear enough.