Payroll Summary miscalculation


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Nov 14, 2005
When I go to the "Payroll Summary" screen, I notice that the gross pay calculation for that day is way off. It shows me getting paid $180 for days I don't even work and $360 to $380 on days that I do, no matter how many hours I fly. Unless this program thinks I need a raise, which I agree, then it must me miscalculating or calculating something else. It would help if APDL had a more in depth instruction book on what each page displays and how it figures each and every one of it's calculations.
Also, a friend of mine has the same program on his Palm and he has the option of importing his schedule to his calendar program. Why don't I have that option on my pocket PC?
Please check your "Rig\Guarantee" settings and "Payroll Settings". You probably have "Apply Minimum Checked" on your "Block" payroll settings or have an incorrect duty rig set.

If you have a day free of duty do not enter anything on a logpage. Once a logpage has data it will apply whatever duty\tafb\trip rigs or pay minimum you have set.

The Pocket PC does not have the option to import schedule into Outlook because Microsoft has not provided that functionality with the .net framework. When they do we will add this to the Pocket PC software.

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Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.