SCR Assignemtn wtih a Modified Pairing Question.

Scott Michael

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Sep 3, 2013

I'm on SCR now that I've upgraded and I've made sure my payroll reflects that. I ran into a issue the other day after being assigned flying during my SCR period. I logged onto FLiCA and then imported the trip into Next I launched the iOS app and my trip automatically imported over my SCR days.

First thing I noticed, my RAP period was erased and no longer displayed in the pairing. Is this normal? Do I need to manually enter it? Next I ran into an issue on day 3 of the trip. I was assigned more flying at the end of the day and I wanted to add it to the iOS app. I followed the same steps above and imported the modified pairing with an "A" extension to the end. Example, "L2E43A". The original pairing being "L2E43". My understaing is that I can import a pairing ontop of another pairing during the same period and only the modified changes and or legs not flown will be added to my orginal trip. The screen shot below is the error that I've been receiving. I have tried with both the "remove conflicting trips" option on and off with no success. From reading the manual it appears you'd need that option "on" or green to accomplish what I want, yet it's not working.



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Congrats on upgrade! A nice change on one hand while a not so nice change going back to reserve on the other hand...

As for importing a trip on top of an existing trip, you are correct that is possible with APDL. Unfortunately, that doesn't really apply if you're on reserve.

The overall intent of that feature is to allow you to replace an existing trip with another trip in the event of a trip trade that happens in the future without the need to manually delete every leg or every day of the old trip first. While we would like to support trip "blending" as we call it, where a partially completed trip is imported and blended with a modified version of the same trip, that is quite a bit more complex to accomplish than replacing the entire trip all at once. We do hope to support that fully in the future but for now it is not fully supported.

So when you apply that to the SCR that gets a trip assigned scenario you mentioned in your question, the RAP ends up getting overwritten completely with the new trip.

While on reserve, you can use the importer if you are assigned a trip outside of a RAP, but for now, if a RAP is involved with flying in the same duty period, that must be manually entered.

In reference to the error message you're seeing when trying to import a modified trip on top of the existing trip, without looking more in depth at your specific situation, I would guess that the error is occurring because you're trying to blend a new import on a day that already has flying logged. I believe one of the limitations on trip blending as of now is you can't do it in the middle of a day if flying has already been logged.

Sorry for the inconveniences, we are working to improve the limitations for reserve pilots as time goes on.
Also, if you are assigned duty prior to the RAP, the RAP no longer exists. The RAP would only remain if you were given duty during the RAP.
Also, if you are assigned duty prior to the RAP, the RAP no longer exists. The RAP would only remain if you were given duty during the RAP.

Yes and that is the intended behavior in that case.