PDA Wish List


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Nov 15, 2001
As a professional Pilot, here are a few items that i would like to have available.

1. Upload to PC version of Logbook Pro <--- most important
2. Date
3. A/C number
4. A/C type
5. Single Engine / Multi Engine
6. Departure/Destination
7. Takeoff/Landing - Day/Night
8. Instument / Sim Instrument
9. Cross Country
10. PIC / SIC
11. Simulator
12. Total time
13. Times: Block Out / Block In / Flight Out / Flight In

Other functions that would be nice to see would be some E6B functions such as:
Timers (for approaches/holding)
Fuel caculators

etc... I hope this helps give some ideas

These are just some general ideas

Agreed, Ron. I like the fields you suggest.

Many of us have custom fields, too. In working with HanDBase, a database app for Palm OS, you can customize any fields you want and import them into LBP. The only problem is the setting up of the import wizard in LBP. It is cumbersome and time consuming. In the PDA companion the most popular fields should be already set up and automatically imported/exported. Custom fields would obviously have to be user defined and set up.

Neal, though you may provide the companion as a standalone log solution, I think most people would choose to do the majority of their work on PC. Also, knowing the power of LBPv1.6 one would presumably sacrifice much functionality on a standalone PDA version. That is not to say the PDA version could not be made as robust as the PC version. But I think that most would use the PDA simply for data collection and transfer. Other simpler Palm logs (like PalmLog) are good but show the design limitations of data entry and manipulation on the small-screen Palm.

IMOHO -- KISS -- at first, anyway. Keep LBP's PDA companion a robust data collection and transfer device only with minimal features such as currency, totals, etc. Don't worry about the reports and data filter/manipulation features that make LBP for PC such a great product. We can do the dirty work when we get home on the PC. With that said, however, if the market demands it at a later time then go to a full-featured Palm log solution.


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