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Pic + Sic = ?


Active member
Feb 5, 2003

I have a type of aircraft in my logbook that i have only logged PIC and SIC in. I setup a separate "type" for the simulator. My problem is, whether using the Analyzer or the Flight Log Summary by Type, the Total Duration does not equal PIC+SIC.

I looked through the entries, and did an error check.

Is there a way to setup a filter to see if the duration of that flight does not equal SIC or PIC? Can anyone think of another way to do this?

Hello Justin,

The most common reason for errors is a DATE entry error, i.e. entering 202 instead of 2002. You can find these entry errors by going into the Spreadsheet Style log area, click the |< button on the lower left (sometimes twice is required) and view the very top row of data, check the DATES.

The other suggest is to use a Date Filter with the Analyzer and isolate the time frame the issue is occuring, then review our flight log entries for any errors.