Possible Calendar Bug


Nov 19, 2001

I was reviewing my logbook after making the changes we discussed in the ?Wish? forum earlier this week. I found a couple entries that I hadn?t put into LBP. I may have found a small bug in the spreadsheet format. I made an entry dated February 13 through the dropdown calendar and continued with the rest of the log. I noticed that it reverted the date back to July 27. I went back up to the dropdown calendar and tried again. I used the little arrows to scroll back to February then clicked on the 13th, the calendar disappeared like it?s suppose to but the date was July 27. I manually entered the date using the keypad (no dropdown calendar) and it took the date. I could duplicate it bug. I?m using 1.7.41.

It wasn?t a big deal just a small nuisance. Thought you should know.

Thanks, ?Al