Print Engine Stinks - PLEASE HELP!!


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Sep 8, 2003
I hate the printengine in Logbook Pro. I have spent DAYStrying to getmy logbookreproduced via the reports section of this program but with no luck.The margin settings screenin the report generator is not reliable. The report does not scale accordingly. Very dissappointing considering what a great and powerful program this is.

I am printing using an HPLJ2200dtn (duplexing option) and need some help here.I haveAcrobat 5.0 and can't figure outhow to use it to MOVE the tables that are generated in the reports so that they line up with the margins for the custom paper of the Premierleatherlog book.

Can someone PLEASE help me out here?


I have the very same printer, which should not require any modifications to make the printout fit the MGOent. output. Also make sure you are running your print tests on plain paper prior to using purchased MGOent. paper. Let's remove the settings and start over by doing the following:

Click Start..Run and type in REGEDIT
Expand VB and VBA Program Settings
You'll see several Logbook Pro entries, approximately two. Right click on each and choose DELETE to delete all Logbook Pro entries

Close the Registry editor

Start Logbook Pro. Do not do any export to Adobe Acrobat. With the 2200 printer, you should be able to print exactly per the factory default settings.

If it's not lining up properly, when you run the report, click the SAVE icon on the sub-toolbar and save the report to a .RDF file and e-mail it to me.

Thanks for the speedy response.
I see a tree for Logbook Pro and Logbook Pro Mylogbook (which is the name of my logbook). Under Logbook Pro, I see the following subtrees:
Under the Logbook Pro MyLogbook tree, I see a boatload of registry trees - doesn't look like I should touch those. So I am not sure why you want me to delete the trees under Logbook Pro since they don't seem to pertain to any print options. Am I missing something here?

Also, what should the default margins be set to when the report comes up? I created a custom template for the Premier log book adding a custom counter field called TurboProp. So I bring up that template called Hal's Logbook and it says View Hal's Logbook. The margins are set to 1' on the left and .5 all around. This isn't right for it to fit the area on the paper inside the perforations.

Also, the logbook that I have is about 10.25' long and about 6.5' wide. IS this the Premier leather log book? The paper I received has perforations where you would tear away the edges to fit this logbook.

H E L P !!


There should be two "root" entries that have the word Logbook Pro in it. Do not expand these. I want you to delete both of the entries that have the word "Logbook Pro" in it.

Attached is an image showing two entries in the registry. I want you to delete both of them. One of them is going to have the name of your logbook vice where you see mine says "NC Software Sample."

Premier default margins are:

Top, Bottom, Left = 1 inch
Bottom = 1/2 inch

You can also use the MGOent. Universal report in case you didn't know. However, like I said, I too have the HP 2200 and this is what the reports were tested against, so they should require no positioning from the defaults. Additionally, you don't need to go through Acrobat or FinePrint with this printer. It has it all built in and from Logbook Pro's default.

Okay. I deleted the two entries as requested. I opened up Logbook pro and browsed to my logbook and opened it. I opened the Premier leather logbook report and printed it out without touching anything. I also printed out the report just setting the duplex option. If you are saying that this is the report that fits the paper with the 2200dtn, then I am convinced that I have the wrong paper and wrong logbook because it just doesn't fit the perforated area of the paper that was sent to me.

I will send the two reports that I just created to the support email for your evaluation.

Please advise further...I go back to my original opinion that I was sent the wrong logbook and paper.


In that case, then I'm not comfortable with the perforated paper for the Premier logbook. I think I was shipped the Old world book because I would have to tear away the paper edges at the perforations in order for the paper to fit the logbook. That's okay with me given the above.

I will try the reports for the Old World logbook and then send those to you for your review. I believe I tried those reports and they don't fit the paper either.

I'm running tests. The RDF files you sent me are odd. Let me look into this and get back to you. I am not having this problem with reports I create. Have you tried the normal Premier report (not template) and see if that prints correctly?

Try the Universal report, that's designed for both mini binders.

I'll get back to you soon.

Okay. I think I'm falling in to the category of dumb user now.

I just noticed the Universal Leather Flight log (perforated paper). Is that the one I should be using?? Again, I thought I ordered the Premier Logbook...

Anyway, I am going to send you THAT report because it too doesn't fit the paper that was sent to me!!


Your reports you sent me are positioned perfectly on screen. The alignment is perfect. You may have something corrupt on your system. I suggest try uninstalling and reinstalling Logbook Pro 1.9.4. What Operating System are you using?

Again, try the NORMAL reports (non custom templates) and see if that isolates your issue. Secondly, try testing with the Universal report as well.

Is your printer on a network, or local?


I think we have an issue with your system/printer. That's where we need to focus. I've tested everything and all tests are good. Reports are printed perfectly and fall within the set margins for the custom paper.

I just sent you the normal report for the universal output. I'm totally confused about all these different versions of the leather logbook...

I am using XPPro; printer is on the network. I'll try reinstalling, but I doubt that would solve the problem. I'll try that tomorrow and let you know.

Can you let me know if the universal report looks okay?

Not possible; it is shared on the network by many systems. I use a D600 Laptop for my aviation software and take it with me when I go flying.

This may very well be the issue. There have been problems retrieving printer settings through the network. This was supposed to be resolved in 1.9.4 but your situation makes me think it could be resurfacing again. If there's any way to take your laptop and connect to the printer via a parallel cable, this would help isolate the issue.

I'm calling it a night. I'll be checking the forums and e-mail over the weekend.

Thanks for your help. I will connect the printer to the laptop tomorrow and try again.

Will email you tomorrow.

Well, I connected my laptop to the 2200dtn via parallel cable. No joy.

Here's my opinion:
It looks like it's not a printer driver problem but a problem in Logbook Pro when resizing margins and the like. It should read the printer properties to know what printer it's talking to, and be able to handle margin resizing and the like. One thing is true: when you resize margins in the report view, you do get a WYSIWYG representation of how the pages are going to print. But it's all screwed up. It should be able to resize margins (within reason) and the software should be able handle it. It does not. I do this sort of thing all the time within MSWord - measuring paper margins and setting them accordingly - without any problem. Somethings up here.

Any help? I have a leather logbook and custom paper that I can't use.


Logbook Pro does in fact do as you say it should. It detects your printer and reads the properties to layout the report properly. The irony here is I have the 2200 here and I do not have any of these issues! Here's what I'd like you to do:

Backup Logbook Pro (File..Archive..Backup) and save to a location such as C:\Backup (create the folder if necessary)

Copy your .LBK file (usually in C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro unless specified otherwise) to C:\Backup

Uninstall Logbook Pro


Delete the Logbook Pro folder from C:\Program Files

Purge the registry settings as you did before

Do a search on your computer for 'LBREPTS.DLL' and delete all that you find

Download 1.9.4 from



Try again and see if the reports make any difference.

Please e-mail me your .BAK file as well for review.

I have done all that you asked me to do in the last post. The good news is that I am confident that the restoration procedures work should my machine ever take a dive, I now know that I would be able to restore my data.

However, I am still in the same boat as I was before. I did no modifications to the reports in terms of margins, I only set the option for duplex. Printed out 4 pages for the perforated paper and it doesn't line up. In fact, the cover page now looks different! My name isn't on it anymore and it is down low and not centered. I will email the 1 report to support account for your review. I'm lost here.

Now what??