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Jan 25, 2006
I have been printing my logbook using the full size binder options in logbook pro. I am not sure what happened, but the pages I am now printing are larger than the pages I printed before. Its like the margins of the report got changed. I still have the same number of legs on each page, its just that each logbook page now covers more of the sheet of paper and it looks funny and unprofessional. Any suggestions on what could have changed to make this occur? It seems I might have done an update in last week or so, did that change things somehow?

Hello Chris,

In a recent change to the software the margins for the Commander/Full Size were reduced to .5 inches so more content would fit on a page and you'd save paper in the end. It sounds like you have prior printed pages that use the older 1 inch margins? Measure the top/bottom margins on your previous print out to confirm that it is 1 inch margins.

To change the margins run the same split-series report then on the bottom of the report area you'll see three tabs. Click the LEFTS and then click the page setup button on the toolbar and change the top/bottom margins as required (strongly recommend to NOT touch right/left margins). When you close the page setup the LEFTS will update to the new margins. Now click the RIGHTS tab at the bottom and do this again, adjust the margins through the page setup dialog. Again, the report will re-run to update the margins. Now click the COMBINED tab and you'll see that the lefts and rights match, count the rows and make sure they are the same just to confirm, and you're all set. Logbook Pro remembers the page setup settings for each report so you should be fine from this point forward.
Bump...anybody else have problems with this?

This change wiped out my custom margins and I am having major problems getting the current printed product / page numbers to match the hundreds of pages I have printed in the past.
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