Mar 4, 2004
I am trying to print my logbook so it looks like a paper logbook. I am not sure the technical name for it but I want to use both side of one page. Is this possible? I hope so! Please help.

I think you are talking about the Jeppesen Style logbook. You can print duplex (double-sided) if your printer supports it, or use a third party tool such as FinePrint. I also recommend searching the included documentation on printing and "duplex" to learn more about the features Logbook Pro provides for this style printing.

I've done just that as well. My printer supports duplexing, but when printing the right-hand side of the page for use in a binder, the inboard margin isn't the same as the inboard margin of the left-hand side of the page (as in any hardbacklogbook). When duplexing or printing the next left-hand side page behind the previous right-hand side page, this difference in inboard margins causes the pages not to be uniform front to back on each sheet of paper. Testing FinePrint quickly seemed to take care of that but costs $49.00 to get rid of the banner at the bottom of the page. Isn't there a way to eliminate this within Logbookpro without having to use 3rd party software for printing?
Explored, with little results. Will keep looking though. Any 'Rough' idea on how long till 1.9.6 is released?
Thank you for your honest response. Will keep an eye out for the release while in the meantime will work around it.

Love the software!