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Jun 21, 2002
Is there anyone else out there having trouble cutting the page down small enough to fit into the MGoent leather binder. It seems to be to long. When you close the binder the end of the page hangs out. Seems odd for a report that is designed to go into this very binder. Any help would be appreciated.
Confirm you are using 1.6.232? The reports were too long in prior versions, but this was corrected in the latest public release. You can also try the MGOent Universal printout, new in 1.6.232.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
I am using the latest version 1.6.232. I have to punch the holes in the date column to keep the end of the page within the binder. I am using the Premier binder and report. Is there any way to remove a column? All I have been able to do is remove the header at the top leaving a blank column.
Please measure the width from the left black vertical border to the right black vertical border for me. This is very odd. The reports were redesigned to fix this problem, I wonder if your report DLL got updated. If you want, try uninstalling Logbook Pro, reboot, make sure lbRepts.DLL (in your Windows\System or System32 folder) is deleted then reinstall. You can also do a search on lbRepts.DLL after the uninstall and make sure all instances have been deleted, if not, delete them.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.

I'm getting ready to buy the Premier Binder from Mogent. However all the war stories I have been reading from different LBP owners has caused me to proceed with caution. I would appreciate it if you could let me know if you finally have some sucess. Also any advice as to which of the binders and printouts you recommend.

I think I want to buy the Premier Binder and use the LBP Universal printout. I also have found out that if I print out in duplex and just print one page at a time then I am able to get a front to back, left to right flow just like a hard copy logbook works. However hearing how you are having trouble preventing the pages from sticking out is a concern of mine. Let me know what fixes your problem if you have time. Thks
I do have the latest version 1.6 232
Good Luck
Mark / Kevin,

Go ahead and print out a Premier report and tell me the measurements from left black border to right black border. Also, did you attempt to modify the margin settings? There is a bug with changing margins in 1.6.232 for the MGOent reports, which has been fixed in the very soon to release 1.7. Again, please provide the measurements of a printout for me so I can see if this needs attention before releasing 1.7. As far as I know, there are NO problems with 1.6.232 and the MGOent reports not fitting. You can also try the Universal report, which is designed to fit the Premier AND Old World binder.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.