Need Info Commander Series Paper in Premier Binder?


Mar 2, 2006
Southern California
Commander Series Paper in Full Size Binder?

Anybody know if Commander series blank paper will fit in a Full Size binder? I have just about filled my Commander and don't think I will fly long enough to fill out another so looking for a slimmer option. I know the Commander has 7 rings and the Full Size has 6, but I don't know if the spacing will allow the 7-hole Commander paper to fit in the Full Size.
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Thanks for the (almost too) quick reply. As I said in my original post, I'm aware there is a different number of rings in the two binders. However, looking at the pictures of them it occurs to me that the full size rings "may" be in the same spacing and pattern as the commander with the exception of the missing middle ring. If that's the case...and I would think that would be good marketing sense for Cirrus to enable upgrade to the larger commander binder...the 7 hole commander paper should fit. Perhaps this is a question for the binder manufacturer. Or, perhaps someone has both binders and can compare the spacing and give me an answer.
The holes do not align. In the attached picture the tan is the Full Size paper, the white/right is the Commander.