Need Info Logbook Pro Desktop import from iOS Logbook Pro


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May 27, 2018
New to the forums but NOT new to APDL, been a user since the Palm Pilot days so I do have some experience.

Question regarding my import from iOS to PC Logbook Pro.

On my iPad I have PIC selected yet lately when I perform a Cloud Sync some flights will import BOTH PIC & SIC?

Any suggestions as I only would like the PIC field filled out.

Settings on my iPad has SIC "deselected" & when I fill out the total time only PIC is filled out along with my other set fields.

Thank you in advance,



Check Options > AutoFill for each A/C Type in Logbook Pro Desktop and then sync your PC (Cloud Sync > Sync Now) and then sync your App to receive the configuration update.

OMG....... I've looked everywhere on the Logbook Pro PC options EXCEPT that, go figure.

Thank you so much for the quick reply as well as the "fix", as stated I've been a user for a VERY LONG time & I have ALWAYS loved your product & the every changing/improving service you provide.

Thank you and hope you & your family have a great Memorial Day weekend & summer ahead,

Much aloha,