Need Info Calendar Import Commute Options?


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Aug 31, 2009
I noticed that there is some information at the bottom of the window when you import a trip from Calendar via the "paste and process trip" process. It is neat that APDL tells me that my trip is commutable to/from home, but how does it know? Wouldn't I need to tell it flight times? Is this a feature that isn't fully fleshed out yet? Am I missing somewhere that I can configure this feature based on my situation?


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They've made certain assumptions about what defines commutability, i.e. a noon or later show or a duty off after 1500.

That said, we have suggested a feature that would let us define our own commutability and have APDL automatically pull in and track commute flights. Still no beta for this but I think it's being discussed with some seriousness.

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That would be a great feature, though I also see the complexity in the programming of it. Will be interesting to see how it progresses!

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