prior aircraft entry redeaignation...


Oct 20, 2014
Greenville, SC
In prior years i have flown a CRJ200, designated CL65 by Bombardier. I have all my entries logged in the 200 as CL65. Now years later i get to fly another CL65 except this one is a CRJ900 and in a different weight class than the 200. I would like to differentiate the 2 in my logbook. How can i go back and reallocate allmy previous CL65 time as CRJ200 time?
If you do not have a CRJ200 entry in your Options/Aircraft area you can simply rename CL65 to CRJ200. If you do have CRJ200 in the list and have not flown it, then you can delete it, then do as previous. Otherwise you'll need to open a support ticket and send us a backup (click File...backup to file) and tell us what you want changed i.e. "Please change CL65 to CRJ200" and we can do it programmatically for you.