Problem installing Palm Companion on Tungsten E


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Jun 11, 2003
Longs, SC
I'm helping a friend install the Palm Companion on a Tungsten E running OS 5.2.1. We follow the installation instructions including responding Yes to the question about having OS 5. The app is transferred to the Palm device when we hotsync. When we tap on the Logbook Pro icon on the Palm we receive the message: Application error lbk_pro-install is intended for Palm OS4.X and below. Please contact the author for a compatible version. Any suggestions Neal?
Try uninstalling from the Palm then reinstall from the PC again. It sounds like a possible 'mis-click' bug.

I should have mentioned that I already had him try that. We followed the troubleshooting instructions and removed the apps from the Palm and removed the Appforge Conduit from the desktop and reinstalled everything. The only thing he found on the Palm was the logbook pro install . I'll have him try again tomorrow night and if you have any other suggestions I'm all ears. /Forums/emoticons/wink.gif
The only thing would be to try the latest Booster from AppForge's web site ( and see if that resolves it. If so, unfortunately it will cost $25 to register the latest Booster (if required).

OK. We'll try the uninstall route first tomorrow. If I remember in some other posts there's a trial period before you have to purchase that. I've pulled an old Palm device out of it's hiding place so I can see what my buddy is looking at so maybe he missed something on the uninstall earlier. I've loaded the software succesfully to mine so I can see what's out there. I'm doing this long distance over the phone. BTW he didn't believe me when I told him you would probably be up responding to stuff this time of night. Silly boy. Thanks for the great help as usual.
Glad to help. To uninstall from the Palm, go to Delete Apps and remove:

-All files with the word 'ingot' in it

Yeah, there is a 15 day trial on the Booster. Doesn't mean you have to buy it, just install it and see if it works. You can also check the Palm Companion sub-folder under the Logbook Pro folder on the PC and you'll see two PRC files. One will be named with OS5 within. After trying to install and you get the same issue, try installing the OS5 PRC using the Palm Install tool and see if that works. Based on your error message above, it again reinforces that the wrong file was transferred to the Palm and I'm willing to be the 'mis-click' bug was it! :)

Have a good night.

Problem solved after deleting and re-installing. Looks like a finger check. I'm not sure what percentage of your users are not computer saavy but that was certainly the case with this person. He loves his toys but isn't technical. My suggestion after attempting to help him over the phone would be to beef up the install doc to include some screen shots and a little more step by step detail for the novice. Just a thought.