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Problem with total flight time summary


New member
Aug 22, 2007
I converted my excel flight logbook into a tab deliminated file (.txt). Then this file was imported into Logbook Pro (LBP) using the import wizard. During the initial import of the .txt file to LBP, I had to create some additional flight time columns that LBP doesn't come with, NVG, COMBAT, etc. During this import, these manually created categories were assigned to their associated column from the excel spreadsheet that was imported. After completing the import I opened the logbook in Jeppesen (CTRL+J) style. The columns match that of my excel logbook however my total time listed in the summary at the bottom of the program shows over twice the flight time I actually have.

How do I get the flight time summary to just totalize the duration column in LBP?

What is LBP adding in addition to the duration column to get such a high total time in the flight time summary at the bottom?