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Problems with Calculated Pay

ASA Pilot

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Feb 5, 2008
Duty Rig: 1:2
Min Day Credit: 3.75
Block or greater is leg by leg.

RIG/GUARANTEE Preferences:
Leg Guar: Yes
Trip Guar: Yes
Duty Rig? Yes 1:2
Trip Rig? No
TAFB Rig? No

1. Is there a way to apply the min day credit without manually entering another leg to make up the difference? Is that what the "Apply Minimum" option is in prefs/payroll categories/block?

2. Why is it that:
In a day blocked at 6+ hours, on a leg scheduled for 1.5 hours, when I decrease the actual block to 1.4 or 1.3 or 1.0 it continually displays that I have LESS calculated pay. My pay should not change once underblock.

Payroll Summary for the day shows 34 minutes of underblock which brings the total minutes that I should be paid to the correct amount, but it is not including it in my calculated pay.
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