Productivity Forecast


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May 21, 2015
Hello. I have the update 7.1 on the latest iPod touch. I cannot find the productivity forecast anymore. This is important to me and is one of the main reasons I bought APDL and the iPod touch. Thanks
Productivity forecast does not exist least it's not called productivity forecast anymore.

The same data, and more, is still available on the legality status page at the bottom. The cumulative limits charts have replaced productivity forecast and allow you to view more information than productivity forecast did. Tap each row at the bottom (each individual cumulative limit) and the graph will change.
I saw the totals on the legality page. That was there before but the graph wasn't. I used the Productivity Forecast as a forecast. I am frequently close on my 100/672 and 1000/365. I work for an airline with pref bidding. The productivity forecast was very useful when trying to decide what trips to bid in the following month. Is there another way to see how much I can work on a random day in the future that I don't have a trip on?
That worked. Thanks for the quick reply. You are right it does show more data than before.