Purchase questions


Jun 16, 2007
Trying to make the switch to the iphone from a windows mobile platform... am I reading this correctly that I have to purchase a $75 per year subscription to download my schedule one day per month or 12 times per year? Granted, the program is available all day, every day... but with APDL I've always just imported my trips after the awards were finalized... once per month... so if I read this correctly, I now have to pay $75 per year or $6.25 each month.... that is question #1

Question #2 is I see a subscription for the iphone for $29 and change as well... will I need both subscriptions to continue using the program?

Question #3 I still have the windows mobile device, will I be able to continue using APDL and simply sync the old way with logbookpro? I do have the original resident schedule importer (yes, I've been a customer THAT long) and it still works fine with APDL. Is there anyway for NC to set up future iphone accounts (specifically APDL) with a means of importing trip info without "cloud" subscriptions? I'd be willing to trade the free updates for a system that worked fine without subscriptions. I've had APDL for years (yes, it's a different product I know) and with very very few updates it has worked flawlessly...

I am exceptionally dissapointed with the change of business model, and the lack of loyalty to long time customers.
Hello Raymond,

There are three different options available for the schedule importer subscription from 30 days to 2 years, 2 years being the most cost effective of only $5/month. For details click here.

The iPhone app is free and to sync after the first 30 days free you'll need a cloud sync subscription which is $19.99/yr. For details click here.

You can continue to use your APDL license on your Windows Mobile device as long as you want.

The iPhone can only import schedules by syncing with the information you save on the schedule importer portal. There is no other way to get schedule information to the iPhone app.

If you have any other questions please consult our help desk/knowledgebase and online store and if you are unable to find your answer please contact us and we'll gladly assist.