Question about sim time


New member
Dec 7, 2007
I am trying to log time that I spent as an instructor while my student was in the sim. I just want to log dual given and that is it. LBP is requiring me to also enter "duration" or "sim time". I can't log duration because it is a sim and I don't want to log sim time because I was just running the sim, not actually in it.

Any help with this?
Please start Logbook Pro and go into OPTIONS and then click on the FLIGHT LOG TAB. Then remove the checkmark from the item that says "Auto-Clean Entries not having a durations..." This turns off error checking for required data and allows a 0 value to be place in SIM and Duration.
That sounds great Eric thanks. Is there any danger in doing this? I still want LBP to error check for me if it can.
No, you can still manually error check by right clicking on the spreadsheet view and select check logbook for errors. The only danger is if you turn it back on. Lines with 0 for Duration or Sim may be deleted.