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Question on currencies


New member
Nov 25, 2003
I have a problem setting a currency item in logbook pro.</o:p>

My Canadian IFR currency needs:
1- all to pass: 6 approaches (and/or holds) in the last 6 months</o:p>


2- 6 hours of total instrument time (actual+ simulated+ simulator)</o:p>


The problem I have is that I seem to have no way to calculate the total instrument time (actual + simulated + simulator). I need to have this total to make sure that I have the 6 required hours in the last 6 months.</o:p>

How can I solve this currency problem ?</o:p>


Thank you,</o:p>

Robert Blais
Granby, QC, Canada
I too must keep track of this requirement and have been watching to see what kind of response is posted.....none so far what gives?
The way I solved the problem for now was to create a custom time column (Called total IFR time) in which I re-enter any IFR time (actual + simulated + simulator). It works but it requires re-entrering and sometimes adding times (actual + simulated). And I changed my currency requirement to verify if I have 6 hours total in the last 6 months in that particular column.

This could be solved withsomething like the Approach Window that opens when we enter an approach. We should have (if possible) on column for any IFR time. We an entry is made in that column, a window would open to ask specifically how much time in: ACTUAL IFR, SIMULATED IFR, SIMULATOR). We would then always have a total IFR TIME with specifics displayed in the IFR TIME window... just like the approach window and reporting...

If this is not possible or desirable for most, another way to solve the problem would be to allow auto-fill or auto-calculate in the custom time column. It would be nice if any time entered in IFR (actual + simulated + simulator), would be added up and entered automatically in the TOTAL IFR TIME custom column created.

What do you think.

Robert Blais,

Granby, QC, CANADA
Sounds like one way around the problem Rob. I am going to sit down and see what I can come up with, perhaps issues such as this will be addressed in the release of version 2.0.