Question on gettinf information in and getting data out


Oct 8, 2003
I have recently purchased this program and have found it to be the best of several that I have tried. I have looked for the answers to these 2 questions but have been unable to find them. Hopefully lI am not being redundant.
1. Is there a way to enter ground instruction and keep a cumulative record of it? I can't enter it as a custom time field because it looks at it as flight time. Counter fields only take whole numbers and text fields don't keep a running total of time.

2. Is there an easy way to type in a custom date when trying to determine logged time between 2 dates. I know I can click reports, flight log, flight log summary which brings up 2 calenders. If I want to go to 1985 for example, I have to click the left arrow of the left calender and wait while the months count down. Other programs I use have custom date setting that allows me to type in the dates I want which obviously would be much faster.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Thank you for your kind words. To answer your questions:

1) Logbook Pro is not really designed for tracking ground training, and in version 2 (due out next year) we will have a separate ground training section. In the mean time, there is an alternative way to log it in Logbook Pro as it is now. You can create a custom column, or log the time as desired, but to prevent Logbook Pro from purging the entry as it thinks it's incomplete as it has no Duration or Sim time, go to Options...Flight Log and UNCHECK the bottom most checkbox.

2)You can look in the Logbook Pro help, click Index, then click Date Filter. Here is the direct link to the online documentation of the same, which covers this topic to teach you how to rapidly/efficiently change dates on the calendars:

Hope this Helps!