Re-install APDL


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Jul 3, 2005
My HP 2215 Pocket PC got smashed but insurance replaced it with an identical unit. My problem is that when attempting to install APDL I get the little pilot icon but the program will not run.

The first thing I did was take the full back up file from the old unit and restored everything to the new unit ... that didn't work so I deleted APDL and re-installed from your download. That didn't work either. Oh, and yes, I did download and install the latest revision and the Microsoft's “Compact Framework Service Pack SP3“ using your link! BTW, the 2215 runs on MS 4.20 - 2003.

What do you think?

I suggest uninstalling from your PC Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs area (Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook Pocket PC Edition) and also via ActiveSync to ensure APDL is removed. You may have to delete and recreate your partnership, but be sure to backup C:\Program Files\ first. You may want to ensure you have the latest ActiveSync which is 3.8. If you can provide any information that occurs when you click 'AirlineLog' on your PPC, such as any error messages, etc. may help.

OK, I deleted the program from my desktop and my PPC ... I did upgrade to ActiveSync 3.8 and then re-installed from the file 'APDLPocketPCSetup.exe'

When I click on the little pilot icon all I get is a brief hourglass symbol then nothing - no program open and no error messages.