regarding REQUIRED REST EXPLAINED from FAQ fourm


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Nov 18, 2006
Is looks like the duty off time and the duty on time are always in 'domicile' time. Can this default be change to local or zulu? At least in local the times while in rest match the clock in the hotel. And with a zulu option the times while in rest are always...... well, zulu.


Required Rest Explained
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I have noticed some confusion lately regarding the “Required Rest” page in our program. Understanding how to interpret what it is telling you is important. Because of this I have written the following article so that you can better understand the “Required Rest” function of our program and what it is telling you. To start with, "flight time" should be "scheduled flight time". The Required Rest function of our program does not use actual time. The only actual time used is the duty off time from the previous duty period to determine available rest. Most of the issues I see have to do with users trying to apply actual times.
I believe his point was that if the default time for our logbooks is set to Zulu, then all the fancy formulas that we all love show us info based on zulu time, even when using local time to record flights. it is frustrating to run the report after a 14+ hour day and get an answer that needs further math just so I can use the answer.

Can the rest requirement formulas be changed to show in local time?