Report by "N" number


New member
Apr 25, 2006
After searching the KB, forums, and help I've decided that either it won't do it or I'm just flat overlooking something. Is there a way to generate a report by an individual "N" number? As a flight instructor, it would be great to be able to search for a student owned airplane and generate a report for it. I look forward to your answer. Thanks in advance!!

I don't believe there is a report specific to what you want. We'll consider this in the next version, it has been requested previously. However, you may want to look in the Analyzer, click the + to the left of the A/C Type and you'll see all the N-Numbers under that type which has all the times, etc. Not sure if this is what you're after or not.
Thanks for the quick response. That will get me the needed information until you can get a report designed around it!!