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Ability to Designate Hulls by Serial Number


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Jun 26, 2005
Bloomington, IL
I thought I had chimed in with this before, but looking back over the history of this forum, I don't see it anywhere.

Our company retains the same registration numbers on aircraft over the years. As a result, I have one N-number in my records that has actually been on 5 different models of aircraft. Also, in the process of renumbering these aircraft, the same aircraft may change it's N-number before it's traded off. So, I get both the same aircraft with different reg numbers and the same reg number on different aircraft. All very confusing to keep track of and as I see it, it could cause Logbook Pro to report incorrect totals if the category, class, etc. are different.

My #1 wish is some way to designate a particular hull by something other than it's registration number. I would think mfr serial numbers would be easiest, but I suppose a unique ID in the database would work as well.