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N number export issue


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Feb 4, 2007
When APDL automatically updates tail numbers from the internet, it uses the N before the number. Unfortunately, I do not use the N in LBP. When I export to LBP it creates an inconsistency. How can I either get all of my tail numbers in LBP to put an N in front (about 13,000 entries) or get APDL to auto fill without the N?
How about a feature request for a setting that omits the N for auto updates. Also, my list of aircraft in APDL is really 2 lists - all the planes without an N, and then the same lust with the N. It would be nice if APDL was smart enough to see these all as the same. Maybe a setting that would have a default country registration.
I think that's the problem, you have both with and without the N entered in APDL. Our system is designed so that APDL will pull the tail number from the cloud and check to see if it matches any you have entered in APDL already (with or without N). If so, it will use that one already entered, if not, it adds it as it found it online.
So the intended workflow is if you don't have the tail entered already, you edit the one created automatically to match your desired format, and APDL recognizes that and continues using it from that point forward.

In your case with both of them entered, I'm afraid you will have to change each entry with the wrong format to the correct format tail manually to get it back on track.
No you shouldn't have to change the tail format every autofill.
Here's an example.

If you have tail 1234 entered in APDL already, and you fly that tail again at a later date. Autofill will detect N1234 and search your list of aircraft to see if "N1234" OR "1234" already exists. If so, it will use that format and move on. If not, it will create a new aircraft using the N1234 format which you can change later to remove the N.

The problem in your case is you have both, so when it finds N1234 from the cloud, and checks your APDL aircraft list, it finds N1234 as an exact match and leaves it like that. You'll have to delete N1234 for it to stop doing that. (Changing the name to something other than N1234 will accomplish the same thing because you can't delete it when it's been used)
Then you'd have to go in and search all the N1234 entries and change them to the different aircraft you created called 1234 and then you'll be able to delete N1234.

As for a mass change in LBP, it can be done but you'd have to send us your .bak file for us to process that.
Disregard. I figured it out. Was able to edit the list and remove all Ns. Works great now importing all in that format, just as you described.
Except I just accidentally archived all my tail numbers. How do I get them back in the list?
The way I work around this problem, is when APDL downloads a new tail with the N number, I go into settings...Aircraft, find that tail with the N and edit it to remove the N, then save. When I go back into the flight, the tail number is corrected automatically to drop the N. If you edit the tail in settings>aircraft, shouldn't it correct that tail in all flights flown automatically?

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Yes it will, the problem for pcohen is he has some logged both ways, with and without the N. he can't change it to the same as a different entry so he will end up having to change half of them to one or the other.
Aha! My method only works for new tail numbers logged. Got it.

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