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Reports by Day


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APDL Beta Team
Aug 12, 2006
I log my time leg by leg in LBP PC. However, I log my time in my physical log book by daily totals. To prevent having to do an analyzer for each and every day one at a time, is there a way to generate one big Jeppesen Flight Log report by day that can be exported into PDF? I'm way behind logging time in my physical logbook and don't travel with my PC so generating a daily flight log allows me to view it on my ipad so I can spend down time in hotels catching up my logbook.

Hi Eric,

I'm afraid not. It's only going to show report information as you have it entered. You can pivot fields (dark blue) around on the Analyzer to get different presentations of your data but I'm not sure you're going to receive the desired end result.
I would like to see this function in future versions! :)