Requested Features


New member
Jan 5, 2002
I am evaluating your software and will probably purchase soon. Here are a few things I would like to see in future releases.

1. When logging in, remember window size and placement settings so you don't have to reset the window size and placement each time.

2. Remember what windows I have open in the software upon exiting so I don't have to reopen each time.

3. When clicking the Horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the Logbook, Scroll one PAGE over to the right, or as far as you can to the right. It appears that you only scroll one column at a time if you click the horizontal scroll bar. (This is typically industry standard way of doing that (see Excel, Clicking scrolls you from A-0 columns to P-AD columns)

4. I would like a way to LOCK the data so it is not so easily updated accidentally. ie: if I update a field accidentally and move to a new row, there are no message or anything. Historical LOGBOOK entries are typically static, I do not want them changed. A 'Do you really want to change?' dialog or some other way would be helpful.

5. When modifying a report date from the report dialog, Pull up the report dates that were used on the report, not the current month. If it is a historical report, this requires scrolling back to the start and end dates again.

So far you have the best product I have seen. Keep up the good work.