Resolved Rest Facility default is Class 3


Mar 4, 2015
I've been all through the support documentation and read the part about changing the rest class in the legality view, but there is no way to save the changes. My rest class is defaulting to Class 3 for some reason, which of course affects max FDP for 4-man augmented operations.

How do I get the default to Class 1?


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Rest class Default cannot be changed. This is an issue that has recently been brought to our attention. We are aware of it and working on a change. (AI-2044)
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Rest class Default cannot be changed. This is an issue that has recently been brought to our attention. We are aware of it and working on a change.

Thanks for the quick reply, Andy. On the B767ER at Delta, we do a lot of trips that are a mix of 2-, 3-, and 4-man operations. Even with the default going to Class 1, it would be VERY helpful to be able to have the option to manually select the class of rest facility and save the change on a leg-by-leg basis. This would let us track our legalities after a Class 1 crew rest bunk was MEL'd, for example. The changes would be preserved for later review as well.
Just a note - something else to look at on this issue: when I change the rest class and recalculate, when I scroll down to the bottom to see the legality timeline (really like this feature, btw) I sometimes see all of the values for FDP "jump". Not sure what I'm seeing there, but it appeared that changing the rest facility class on one day above changed the calculations for all of the days visible in the timeline. Obviously, we would only need the adjusted calculation to apply to the day the rest class facility was affected. I'm not sure if that is what was happening, but it was a point I wanted to make now, anyway.
Hi Andy,

Just wanted to bump this again - it's been 2.75 years! Unless I've missed something, I don't think this has changed yet.
I second the bump. Just called crew scheduling to correct an APDL Legality issue that didn’t exist because of the default to Class 3 rest. Most of our ops are augmented. Not cool.
BUMP. I’m tired of seeing all my trips flagged because of this default to Class 3

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It appears to be next on the docket.

Awesome. As we speak I’m getting flagged about not being able to extend FDP. It’s assuming I extended on a prior flight because it’s defaulting to class 3 rest facility. So it thinks I’ve utilized my extension already when in reality I haven’t. The struggle is real!

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2896 pilots at Delta are affected by this single issue. 19.98% of our entire pilot group.

I love showing people the APDL app, but it is embarrassing to have them ask why our (very legal) trip is being flagged for flight time/duty time issues EVERY WEEK.

“Oh, you just click on the legality flag, scroll up and change the rest facility to 2nd class and scroll down again and it shows you everything is legal now.” return to previous screen

“Oops, you forgot to save that, it’s flagged again.”

“Oh, uh, no - it doesn’t save it. You have to change it every time. They’re supposed to be changing it in an update so you can save it in the defaults and on a leg-by-leg basis. I told them about the issue, uh, well, four years ago.”

“Oh, well it’s a free app, though, right?”

“No, I’ve been paying for a subscription for it for four years...”


This issue is fixed and we will soon start private then public beta testing. @CapnMike I welcome you to join our public beta team to test this out for us. If interested let me know and I'll contact you and send you an invite to public beta.
Hehehe... see, this is EXACTLY how I got roped into 12 years of ALPA work!

“You WILL BE assimilated”

Thank you for the offer, but I must very politely decline. I won’t be flying for the next five weeks, so I suspect I would not have been much help anyway.

Neal, you and your team have put together one of the best and most comprehensive and useful apps I’ve seen in years. I have some programming in my background, as well as administrating websites and web boards for very large groups, so I have a very good idea of what’s involved here. It wasn’t my intention to do a snarky drive-by cross-post, but I was in the middle of a long European trip with multiple Atlantic crossings with mixed-base crews where I had the conversation quoted in my earlier post 4 legs in a row, practically verbatim. I was a bit piqued. I sincerely appreciate everything you guys are doing, and I look forward to seeing the new feature!