Schedule Importer 6.0.2 Released

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
Attention APDL Community:

The APDL Development team has been extremely busy working on your great feedback, suggests, new filter requests. APDL's FREE Schedule Importer now supports 78 formats with new airlines added in this release. The APDL Portal has the 6.0.2 web schedule importer ready for your use and the download for the latest Schedule Importer for Windows version 6.0.2 available.

If your airline is not listed and you'd like us to build a filter for your airline trip pairing, please submit a support ticket and include the raw PDF/DOC or information you receive from your airline. We'll add a feature request and look forward to adding support for your airline/format in a future update. Please note we cannot support month long bid packages as we are focused on filtering trip level pairings. Our goal is to support unmodified and modified trip pairings only.

Thank you once again for your outstanding support. It is OUR pleasure serving the airline community with these great services.