Schedule importer Crew?


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Aug 31, 2009
What's the purpose of the Crew information in the schedule importer for APDL? I put all the information in there, but it doesn't appear to actually sync anywhere in APDL.
I assume it will be one of the fields that will be an option to sync to LBP desktop once sync is released.
It is not used by APDL as APDL has a structured crew area requiring specific information. It's captured "en mass" from your trip data which can be ported into Remarks or a custom Text field in Logbook Pro. We may add a similar mapping system later in APDL to capture other info. We are also working to see if we can capture crew information from trip data such as CA and FO with employee ID info and import this into APDL as that is the type of info APDL needs for specific crew importing. It is a bit complicated but is a goal to have done eventually.